Jubail Chemical Industries Company (JANA)

Jubail Chemical Industries Company (JANA)

JANA� - Jubail Chemical Industries Company situated in the Industrial City of Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia produces a range of Epoxy Resins -� Liquid, Solution and Solid forms for a variety of� applications. From a modest beginning in 1999, JANA today has the capability of producing� 120,000 Metric Tons of Epoxy resin per year. These are produced under the license of Huntsman Advanced Materials, USA (originally obtained from Ciba-Geigy, Switzerland ). JANA is the only producer of Epoxy resins in GCC and Africa. JANA enjoys leadership position in these markets.

JANA markets their epoxy resins under two brand names - Araldite� and Razeen� . The Araldite� brand is 60 years old and very well known the world over. It is used under the license of Huntsman. JANA also has developed their own brand name, Razeen� under which they sell epoxy resins. Razeen� was introduced and launched in the year 2004 which has found very good acceptability by customers. Currently, under the Razeen� brand name, all the products manufactured are look-alike matching products to the Araldite� branded products licensed and sold by JANA.

Resolute and untiring determination transformed what began as a vision one decade ago into one of the most modern epoxy producers in the world. JANA has been ever-changing, adapting and evolving. During 2006, JANA intends to add another 15,000 metric tons capacity to its existing plant that will grow to 60,000 metric tons eventually during the year 2007

With the growth and success in the last couple of years. JANA is now realizing the vision of its promoters to backward integrate its operations and are forging ahead with a new plant for the manufacture of Epichlorohydrin, a key raw material for making epoxy resins.

For more information visit: www.jana-ksa.net
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