Chairman Message

Ever since our modest start as a local firm in 1992, we at NAMA Chemicals have worked hard to build the company into a truly international corporation, becoming one of the strongest chemical producers in the region. Over the five-year period ending in 2008, NAMA’s sales quadrupled, to 638 million Saudi riyals, or $170 million.

NAMA’s experience and capabilities offer many advantages to both our customers and our partners. We know how to do business in Saudi Arabia and are successfully meeting the Saudi government’s business objectives. We are experienced in managing and harnessing the talent of a multi-cultural work force and are training the Saudi workforce to a high level of technical skill. We have solid relationships with our local support partners Royal Commission, ARAMCO and the Ministry of Petroleum, not to mention ties to strategic companies in engineering and technology licensing, as well as global marketing partners.

The ability to raise equity from our shareholders and finance from local banks provides us with financial strength. NAMA has both operating and marketing experience. We have acquired skill in licensing and financing projects and we know how to implement and manage them successfully and efficiently. Combine all this with a secure, reliable feedstock supply at an attractive price, as well as a strategic location convenient to markets in Europe and the Far East and the benefits of doing business with NAMA are clear.

Care for the environment is one of NAMA’s top priorities and we employ exacting procedures and the most advanced technology to that end, following rigorous international standards for environmental management. We recognize that this is vital to preserving the quality of life in our own community and have made this a core value of our company.

As for our plans for growth, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming the fifth-largest producer of epoxy in the world by 2017 by increasing our capacities as well as investing in our raw material production. We also intend to maximize shareholder value through vertical growth in the epoxy value chain, including related specialty products and hardeners. We are working to diversify into niche chemicals and petrochemical intermediates.

At NAMA, we realize our responsibility toward our communities and employees as well as to our shareholders. We pledge that NAMA will always be a good corporate citizen, actively engaged in enhancing the life of our community. We promise that care for the environment and the health, safety and well-being of our workforce will always remain among our highest priorities. We vow to deliver products of the finest quality, to work hard, to work smart and to maintain uncompromising integrity. From these virtues, our success will flow.

Hazem Mansour Al-Fardan


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