04 Jun 2011
Nama Chemicals announces to its shareholder

Nama Chemicals'' announces to its shareholder's the results of the 21st  of the Annual General Assembly , which was held at 4.00pm  on Tuesday May 31st 2011, at Nama's headquarters in Jubail industrial city.

The General Assembly meeting approved its agenda as per the below:
1. The approval of the board of director’s report of the fiscal year 2010.
2. The approval of the auditor's report, the general budget and the financial statement for the fiscal year 2010.
3. The approval to discharge the members of board of directors for the fiscal year 2010.
4. The approval to choose Mr. Baker Abu Al Khair &Co (external auditor) to review the financial statements for the fiscal year 2011 and the first quarter fiscal statements, including the first quarter of fiscal year 2012.

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