Quality Policy

NAMA Chemicals and its affiliates (Jana and Soda) being a national and a global leader in epoxy resins and intermediate products manufacturing industry through adopting responsible business activities which are consistent with our reputation for responsibility, integrity and quality, is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations, and to protecting the security, health & safety of our employees, operations, customers, community and other stakeholders.

We are also devoted to minimizing the environmental impacts during the design, manufacture and distribution of our products, and to even considering those impacts during the product use and disposal stages.

We are dedicated to implement our quality, environmental, health, security, safety and responsible care commitments through:

• Making customer satisfaction, environmental, health, security and safety considerations a priority in business planning and decision-making processes.
• Providing a secure, healthy and safe workplace for our employees, visitors, contractors and community.
• Managing all aspects of our business to effectively utilize natural resources. We are committed to sustainable development along the value chain according to the principles of Product Stewardship.
• Developing and effectively utilizing NAMA Corporations QEHS Standards, including the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 and the Responsible Care management systems.
• Assuring consistency and continual improvement based on transparency, monitoring, risk assessment, and verification of our performance.
• Complying with or exceeding the spirit and intent of all applicable QEHS contractual and regulatory requirements and NAMA QEHS and Responsible Care Global commitments.
• Establishing KPI metrics, targets, and objectives in the pursuit of continual improvement of our QEHS performance in all activities, including the development of new products and processes.
• Involvement of all NAMA employees and management staff through communication and consultation processes, effective participation, and compliance monitoring to the QEHS policies and expectations.
• We will also communicate and openly discuss with our customers, contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure alignment of our integrated QEHS policy and Responsible Care performance with the needs and expectations of those stakeholders, and to further promote our integrated policy along the value chain.

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